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Rattan Ugly Sticks - 10 Sticks $36.00

These sticks have imperfections on them; breaks in the skin, too hard to completely straighten, or maybe some other blemish making them unsellable to a mail order customer. These sticks are great for tirework, sparring and trying out different sizes and weights. Many times one of these sticks becomes someone's favorite stick. **Note: these are ten individual sticks.

Uglys are not made , they are seconds. Ugly sticks are the result of making sticks and are subject to delays due to shortages. Orders are subject to delays.

Sold in packs of 10 for $36.00

This is until supplies run out. Limited time offer. Additionally, domestic shipping is only an estimate. Ugly sticks may incur additional shipping do to the varied sizes and weights. Note, we try to use the most efficient and cost effective methods to ship for the customer.

Current Reviews: 2
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 15 January, 2005.
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