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Indonesian Mahogany Sticks

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Indonesian Mahogany, also known as Iron Redwood or Red Cedar, is a South Asian tree known for its beautiful hard wood.  Primarily used for high-end furniture, Team KIL thought this wood might make for some attractive sticks.  Similar to other hardwood sticks, Indonesian Mahogany Sticks are great for swinging and hitting people, but they are not to be used for stick-on-stick contact.

During our recent expedition to Indonesia, Team KIL was able to obtain a few of these Indonesian Mahogany Sticks for you.  Just like with our Kamagong Sticks, our Indonesian Mahogany gets hand sanded to a smooth finish, then buffed with several coats of a protective clear wax.  Each Mahogany Stick is unique, with a variety of distinct colors and patterns.  We did our best to select sticks with similar markings, then pair them up by length and diameter to create matching sets.  Some sticks didn't pair up well, so this is your chance to choose from Indonesian Mahogany Stick Pairs or Single Sticks. 

Scan over each photo to find the Indonesian Mahogany Sticks that are perfect for you.  See each length and diameter in the dropdown menu. 

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