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Indonesian Combat Sarungs

  • $ 2995

During our recent excursion to Indonesia, Team KIL got a chance to explore a variety of regional weapons.  One of the most underutilized weapons of Pencak Silat is the Combat Sarong (or Sarung in Indonesian).  This unassuming garment has a variety of offensive and defensive tactical capabilities, including limb locks and traps, takedowns, and chokes; making it a great addition to your fighting arsenal. 

As we trekked through the city, we came across several boutiques selling these beautiful linens, designed by using the local Batik printing technique.  We chose some of our favorite patterns, then had them tailored into combat sarungs for you.

Obviously, we like to wear our Indonesian Combat Sarungs as a sash, ready to use in a fight.  But these are fashionable garments with a multitude of uses, so you can also wear it at waist level, chest level, or as a sling for carrying things.  A few of these options are pictured in our product photos.

Scan through the rest of the photos to see available sarung patterns.  Choose your preferred pattern in the drop-down menu.

Each Indonesian Combat Sarung is approximately 46 inches tall by 38 inches wide. 


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