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Indonesian Teak Long Sword

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   This gorgeous piece was at one time destined to be cut into smaller pieces.   It is at least over 30 years old (That is how long we have had it. It's likely much, much older than that.)

    It has a bend along the entire length and the surface was all gouged, damaged, scratched, and seriously worn down.  That is why it was going to be cut down into smaller pieces and have something else made of it.  For some reason I took a liking to it and felt it needed to be rescued.

So, I sanded and cleaned it up the best I could.  Did straighten it a bit, but only as far as it would let me without breaking it.  Hand dinished sanding, and hand rubbed all natural oil finish until I got a nice shine.  I am so glad I did.  The teak wood shines beautifully in this one.

Beautiful hand carved, sanded, and finished in all natural oils.

Lenght: 52.5" 

Blade width at widest point: 2-3/8" 

Spine width: 3/4"

Handle legth: about 10" to 11" (Depending on how you measure it.)

Weight: 1.3 pounds

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