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Indonesian Teak Sticks

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Teak is a tropical hardwood tree, primarily grown in southeast Asia.  Due to its higher concentration of natural oils, Teak is highly pest resistant, and many believe is the reason why its wood is harder and more durable.  Although primarily used for outdoor furniture, many Indonesian locals prefer Teak Sticks as their weapon of choice.  These lightweight sticks are great for training your swift swings; and although not good for stick-on-stick contact, these hardwood weapons can still break bones.

During our recent expedition to Indonesia, Team KIL was able to obtain a few of these Indonesian Teak Sticks for you.  Just like with our Kamagong Sticks, our Indonesian Teak gets hand sanded to a smooth finish, then buffed with several coats of a protective clear wax.  Each Teak Stick has subtle color and pattern differences, so we did our best to pair them up.  Some sticks didn't pair up well, so this is your chance to choose from Indonesian Teak Stick Pairs or Single Sticks. 

Scan over each photo to find the Indonesian Teak Sticks that are perfect for you.  See each length and diameter in the dropdown menu. 

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