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Kamagong Stick Pairs

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Kamagong is an ironwood from the Philippines, in the same family as Macassar Ebony.  Due to it's high demand, this wood has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  The Kamagong Sticks we receive at the KIL Weapons Workshop get hand sanded to a smooth finish, then buffed with several coats of a protective clear wax.

Each Kamagong Stick is completely unique, with a variety of distinct colors and patterns.  We try our best to select Kamagong Sticks with similar markings, then pair them up by length and diameter to create matching sets.

Select a Pair from these Kamagong varieties that are currently available:

Blond Kamagong - These select sticks highlight the lesser seen lighter colors of the Kamagong wood.  They are just as beautiful and just as lethal.  (Note- Our Blond Kamagong sticks will be at least 80% blond, and may have some other colors striated in.)

Half & Half - These sticks are beautifully marbled with the traditional Dark Brown Kamagong color and the Blond Kamagong.

***For a limited time only, these Kamagong Stick pairs will come in a complimentary stick bag.***


Our KIL Kamagong Sticks are approximately 28" long, 1" in diameter, and between 12oz - 16oz in weight. 

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