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The KIL Stick Bag

  • $ 2000

The KIL Stick Bag - For the fighters who want to separate their special stick pairs from the rest of their stick arsenal. 

We thought we had you fighters covered with our Imperial Bag, but so many of you kept asking for a single-pair stick bag that kept your favorite stick pairs protected from the rest of your beater sticks.  Enter the KIL Stick Bag, a great way to organize and separate all of your premium fighting sticks. 

The KIL Stick Bag holds sticks up to 31-inches in length comfortably, with a Velcro flap to secure them.  We chose a wider bag design, which can accommodate a single pair of sticks up to 1-1/4" diameter, or even two pair of 7/8" diameter sticks.  The rear strap extends from 29-inches to 49-inches, so you can carry multiple KIL Stick Bags over the shoulder or across your whole body.  (Fits big guys too!)  Obviously, the KIL Stick Bag is perfect for our KIL Rattan Sticks, but it is also great for your hardwood sticks, aluminum trainers, padded sticks, and even a 31" lumpia for a post-training snack.

Dimensions: 31" long, 3" wide, 2" deep 

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