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Krabi Krabong Thai Sword - KIL Aluminum Trainer

  • $ 9995

The Krabi (or dha, or daab) is the sword of Krabi Krabong, the weapons martial art of Thailand.  In Krabi Krabong duels, the fighters usually have a weapon in both hands (two swords, a sword and staff, or sword and stick).  Which weapon will you pair with our KIL Krabi Aluminum Trainer? 

The handles of our KIL Aluminum Trainers are wrapped with a black, heavy-duty, 3/16" utility cord for a thick, secure grip.


We chose to make our own aluminum trainers because, as elite fighters, we know you like to train with weapons that have the same look and feel as the real deal.  You want your training partners to feel their mistake with your stab, but you don't want to puncture their organs.  Rubber trainers usually have too much bend, and wooden trainers tend to splinter with moderate wear and tear.  Aluminum has weight and durability that gives your hand and your brain the feel of training with a metal weapon.

The KIL Weapons Workshop teamed up with metallurgical experts, as well as weapons masters, to create a variety of designs.  All of our KIL Aluminum Trainers are fabricated from aircraft-grade hardened aluminum.  This means our weapons will take your abuse.  They'll bend before they break, leaving no chance that a sharp piece of metal will snap off and fly through the air.  All of the blade edges are smoothed for safety, and the handles are wrapped with heavy-duty utility cord for a secure grip. 

Our KIL Aluminum Trainers are crafted in the USA by US Military Veterans.


Krabi Krabong Thai Sword - KIL Aluminum Trainer

Overall Length: 36"

Blade Length: 21-3/8"

Blade Width: 1-3/4"

Blade Thickness: 1/4"

Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz

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