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Bahi Kampilan Trainer

Bahi Kampilan Trainer

  • $ 4995

Bahi is a type of wood made from the heart of a palm tree. In weight and density, it is similar to kamagong, but is made of a porous material, which tends to slightly dent on impact, making it less prone to shattering than kamagong.

Bahi sticks are known for their density and durability, which is of course, why the sticks have become a favorite among Filipino Martial Artists. Modern day Arnis practitioners need to have a pair of bahi sticks in their stick bags because they offer some variation for the practitioner as far as weight and density.  Great for forms and warm-ups.

Overall length: 28"

Handle length: 7.5"

Blade width at widest point: 2"

Weight: 8.5 oz


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