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KIL Stick and Knife Fighting Mask

  • $ 9995

KIL Stick and Knife Fighting Masks

Two types to pick from:  Black Mask or Chrome Mask.

Sometimes also called Sabre masks.  These masks are great for fencing, sword training, and stick work. These designs are the KIL Masks used for knife sparring, padded stick sparring,  plastic and aluminum weapons, and use with rattan sticks. This design is a KIL original. It could also be called a 3 weapon mask.

Mask Sizing: XL- for people who have trouble finding hats that fit them, usually guys 6'2. 200lbs

Large- Fits most males. I am 5'10 198, I wear a large, I can also wear a Medium (I wear a 7.5 in a hat)

Medium - for men just a bit smaller

Small - Women and kids

Or use this chart by measuring around your head horizontally at temple level.

Head Gear  
19.5" - 20.5" S
21" - 22" M
22.5" - 23" L
23" - 24" XL


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