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Too Many Nodes - KIL Rattan Single Sticks

  • $ 1995

Too Many Nodes

The debate rages on!!!  Most rattan sticks will typically have 2, 3, or 4 nodes on our common fighting lengths: 31-inch or 28-inch.  Anything different than that is rare.  Some fighters claim that less nodes are better, while other fighters want the most nodes as possible.  We've seen this debate come to blows.

We went through our entire stock of KIL Rattan to hunt out all the sticks with Too Many Nodes.  These rattan sticks are hard to match up in pairs, so that's why they are now being sold as single sticks.  Where do you stand on the controversial Node Debate?  Let us know if these Too Many Nodes sticks are the sticks that you prefer.  


Here at Kombat Instruments Limited, we take pride in the rattan weapons we have created for you.  Combining ancient methods with modern scientific techniques, we have developed rattan sticks that are stronger, denser, and more durable than all other brands.  Our KIL Rattan Sticks will withstand considerable hard impact; perfect for full contact matches. 

All of our rattan is ethically sourced from trusted harvesters that use sustainable collection methods in order to preserve the integrity of the Asian rainforests.  When our rattan arrives to the KIL Weapons Workshop, it is heat treated, straightened, then soaked in our proprietary mix of natural oils.  After the finished rattan is inspected and tested, the approved pieces are branded with our logo, earning the right to be called KIL Rattan.   

We at KIL admit that we don't make pretty sticks; we make ruggedly handsome sticks.  Please remember that rattan is a natural product and does not grow perfectly straight.  Every individual stick will have unique markings, different node placements, and a variety of colors.  Some pieces may have a few small twists or bends, and may even slightly telescope, which can change diameter thickness from "grip end" to "tip end". 

Scan over each photo to find the Too Many Nodes stick that is perfect for you.  See each length and diameter in the dropdown menu.

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