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Kamagong DuloDulo Pain Stick

  • $ 2000

Beautiful Kamagong wood shaped and polished.   Kamagong is an iron wood from the Philippines and is in the same family as Macassar Ebony.  Very, very hard and is increasingly difficult to get.

We make these in shop and they are approximately 6" in length and 1" diameter.

The Dulodulo, or the alternate spelling of the Tagalog word dúlong-dulo.  Dúlong-dulo means "at the very end."  Dulo, a noun, meaning end; extremity; result; boundary; tip; or point.   Pinakadulo, an adjective, meaning the very end; the furthest point; the farthermost tip; final; terminal; or last.  Pandulo, an adjective, meaning at the end.   So, dulodulo give us end-end, or at the vey end.

In Japan they are also known as Yawara sticks, and in China as Nerve-Point-Sticks.

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