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Cold Steel Knives Drop Forged Survivalist 36MC

  • $ 7995

     While on a research trip in Argentina, Cold Steel PRESIDENT Lynn C Thompson had the pleasure of using a solid steel hunting knife by French knifemaker Michel Achez. He was incredibly impressed by Monsieur Achez's knife, which was both simple in design and astonishingly functional.

     Inspired by Michel's work (and with his blessing), Lynn began exploring how to bring this classic Hunter to a larger audience and also expand the design into other platforms.

     The drop forged survivalist is expertly heat treated and drop forged from 52100 high carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 58-59 for superior toughness.

     Its continuously curved, super-wide clip point blade is both sharp and strong, designed to put in great work in even the most demanding conditions. With no handle to break or no superfluous parts to Rot, crack or get damaged in the field, the drop forged survivalist is a no-nonsense hard-working outdoor/hunting knife and survival tool. Its ergonomic handle, with its integral finger guard deep comfortable trough and lanyard hole offers a very secure and comfortable grip even when wearing thick, heavy workman's gloves.

     Supplied with a durable Secure-Ex sheath, the drop forged survivalist is sure to be appreciated and valued by those who will marvel at its performance and value for the money.


- weight: 18.3 oz.

- blade length: 8.0"

- blade thickness: 6.0 mm

- handle: 5.0" long

- overall: 13.0"

- steel: 52100 high carbon steel

- sheath: Secure-Ex

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