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KIL Padded Sticks

  • $ 4995

Our KIL Padded Sticks are battle tested and created for the serious fighter.  Our exclusive design not only lets you swing the stick with great force and precision, but also allows you to use them for stabbing and thrusting techniques as well.

We start with a hollow, flexible, vinyl core, wrap it in medium density foam, then protect it with a rip resistant casing. 

All you have to do is choose your favorite color:

Battling Black - - Rampage Red - - Ornery Orange - - Gladiator Green - - Onslaught Olive - - Brawling Blue - - Injured Indigo - - Pummeling Purple - - Grim Reaper Gray -- and Gene LeBell Pink (and yes, these are personally authorized by Gene himself).

KIL Padded Sticks are sold individually.

Overall Length: 28"  (Different lengths can be custom made for you.  Contact us for price quote.)

Handle Length: 8.5"

Weight: 10.0 oz

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