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KIL Rattan 4' Staff

KIL Rattan 4' Staff

  • $ 2795

Kombat Instrument Ltd. sticks are more durable than the sticks found in catalogs, magazines and many martial arts retailers. These sticks are cut from Mano Rattan which is the hardest of the rattans. Then we heat treat and soak in a proprietary mix of natural oils for strength.

Our sticks are for fighting and not merely display, although many people appreciate their rugged good looks. These sticks will withstand considerable hard contact and perfect for full contact matches.

Rattan is a natural product, diameters are used as a guideline it is not exact. But we try real hard.

Note:  Please be aware that these are natural products and are not machine milled.  Hence, the dimensions are approximate and there will be variations.  Additionally,  we measure the far end of each stick because every stick will naturally have one end larger than the other, even if only by a little bit.  This means the side you hold the stick (the end with our stamp) will usually be slightly larger than the striking tip diameter.

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