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Pinutillo - Bohol Blades - Philippines

  • $ 11000

This is Bohol Blades' Pinutillo (small Pinuti).  These knives are handy and sharp, and perfect for active people who are moving, twisting, and bending all day.  Some locals even prefer the Pinutillo as an every day carry, over Bohol Blades' Filipino EDC Knife. 


During Team KIL's recent weapons expedition in the Philippines, we traveled to the town of Sikatuna on the island of Bohol.  There, we searched out a local bladesmith with a worldwide reputation for his mastery of knives.  We were highly impressed when we met Cid Cempron of Bohol Blades.  Cid invited us to his jungle forge; and after a day of grinding, eating, drinking, and discussing knives, a mutual respect was formed between Kombat Instruments Limited and Bohol Blades.

Bohol Blades makes an impressive variety of native Filipino knives and swords.  The wide range of blade shapes are forged from primary leaf spring steel.  The handles, made from carabao horns, are ergonomically designed for a steadfast grip.  All the blades are sheathed in scabbards made from locally sourced balayong hardwood.  These knives were made to be used, and made to be used for a long long time.  

Each Bohol Blade is individually forged by artisan bladesmiths, using local materials.  Therefore, there will be slight differences between blades of the same style.  Scroll over each photo to see closer details.  Choose the blade you want from the drop-down menu.  



Weight: 10oz

Weight w/scabbard: 14oz

Blade Length: ~9.5"

Total Length: ~14"

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