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The Axe-Less Chap - KIL Guava - Fine Art Finish

  • $ 30000

The Axe-Less Chap

We were originally going to make this piece of KIL Guava into an axe handle.  We shaved 11-inches up the sides to make for a more ergonomic grip.  But when we started swinging it around, it felt so good as a stand alone weapon that we decided to leave the axe head off.  The Axe-Less Chap: not for chopping down trees, but for stopping enemies. 


All of our Fine Art Finished KIL Guava pieces are selected for their distinguished characteristics and harvested directly from the source by our KIL Team.  After our guava sticks are naturally cured, we give them a slight straightening (as much as we can to this dense wood), eight grades of initial sanding, nine stages of essential oil massage with a fine sanding after each layer, then ten coats of natural wax, buffed to a high gloss finish.  Additional finishing procedures may be necessary to highlight the unique features of these one-of-a-kind weapons. 


The Axe-Less Chap is: 37" Long - 1-1/2" Diameter (1-1/4" Grip Diameter) - 2lb10oz Weight 

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