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Rattan Cane

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Will you use our cane to walk with, or will use our cane to fight with?

KIL Rattan Canes are sturdy enough to be graded for medical use, but don't be fooled; these are KIL Rattan weapons.  We prepare our canes just like we do our KIL fighting sticks; they are put through our proprietary process of heat treating and oil soaking.  These canes will withstand considerable hard impact during a fight.  They also come with a removable no-slip rubber tip if you choose to use it as a walking cane.

Our canes come in two different heights: 46 inches tall and 36 inches tall.  You can easily cut them down to a shorter length with a hacksaw, or we can do it for you.  (One easy way to determine what height you need is to measure the distance between your wrist and the floor, whilst wearing shoes.  Round up to the nearest full inch.)

***If you need us to cut your cane down to size, please put notes in "special instructions for seller" box.***

Tall Cane - 46" - 1lb 4oz ~ 1⅛"-1" Diameter

Short Cane - 36" - 1lb 2oz ~ 1⅛"-1" Diameter

Please remember that rattan is a natural product, so weights and measures are approximate.

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