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Visayan Leopard Sticks

  • $ 2495

In the deepest recesses of the Filipino jungles, the Visayan Leopard Cat stalks its prey at night.  With the deceptive appearance of a house cat, this endangered animal displays the spots of a fierce predator.  The Visayan Leopard Cat strikes swiftly.  Its target is annihilated.

In these same deep jungles, rattan is harvested for another fierce predator - you, the KIL customer.   Every once in a while, some rattan pieces will bear the marks of the Visayan Leopard Cat.  It is believed that sticks with this pattern are denser and more durable than typical rattan. 

KIL has obtained a few of these Visayan Leopard Sticks and have put them through our proprietary process of heat treating and oil soaking.  These predators are primed and ready for fighting.  (Note: These Visayan Leopard Cat spots are natural patterns and textures in the rattan.  They are not like the man-made patterns that are burned onto the rattan, like those so-called "tiger rattan sticks".)

Scan over each photo to find the Visayan Leopard Sticks that are perfect for you.  See each length and diameter in the dropdown menu.

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